Cabin Vibes: Inspiration for our Bay Shore Boathouse

Being faced with an entire, empty house is pretty overwhelming, as everyone who has ever moved knows. But when it’s a second home, and you aren’t actually moving, we’ve learned it’s ten times harder… you aren’t starting with all the things that you already own. You’re literally starting from scratch with every. single. thing. Throw into the mix that the new house is a 100% total design departure from anything you’ve ever done before AND that you want this place to look good enough to rent to strangers (oh, and it’s six hours away!), and it’s a big, overwhelming, crazy… Read More

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Here’s 2019’s Home & Cabin To-Do Lists!

It’s annual to-do list-making time, woowoo. (I LOVE to-do lists if you didn’t know! Andy… not so much, ha.) We start every year by creating a general guideline for the projects we are hoping to tackle. I think it’s so nice to have an idea of what needs to get done so we can keep it on our radar and mentally plan ahead, even if we rarely/never actually accomplish everything on the list. In fact, I see that some things on last year’s list are on this year’s again! The big change this year is, of course, now we have… Read More

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We Did Something Crazy

We have the most exciting, crazy news. I’ve been imagining writing this post for months and it kind of feels surreal to finally be telling you our big exciting news… See that house? We bought it. That’s our new vacation home in Traverse City, Michigan!! Holy crap, we bought a second house. We are so crazy. We are also CRAZY excited. And terrified. And nervous. And all of the things. It was a really long, dramatic roller-coaster ride from the time we first saw the listing in October to when we actually closed on the sale last week, which maybe… Read More

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