Good Golly, Olly is Ten Months Old!

Double digits! Little Oliver is ten months old — and not so little but also still just so little. Andy and I were talking about this funny thing that has happened. With each step in Joanna’s development, each month, each new thing she learned, we were amazed by just how BIG and GROWN UP she seemed. With Olly, even though he’s physically bigger and developmentally more advanced, he still seems like such a BABY! It’s the contrast of a first child when we had no comparison and a second when we also have this toddler running around with her opinions… Read More

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Visiting Traverse City With Little Kids

Traverse City, Michigan, is one of our favorite places and somewhere we try to go just about every year. You can read about our past trips in 2016, 2014 and 2013. Last week we went again, this time with two kids and Andy’s parents, and had the most wonderful time, as always. It was a short trip, just three nights, but you could easily stay for weeks and still have things to do! Visiting TC and Leelanau County is always a nostalgic trip for me because I started visiting the area when I was about ten with my parents. We lived… Read More

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What I’m Wearing for Spring + Summer

You guys! It’s here! It’s summer! I hope you all had a really nice long weekend! Ok, I know summer doesn’t technically start for a few weeks, but we all know that Memorial Day is the (Un)Official Start of Summer!! To celebrate, we’re jetting off (or actually driving a few hours) to Traverse City, Michigan, for a family vacation. Wooo! Besides vacations, I always think the best part about the change of seasons (especially fall and spring) is new clothes. Who’s with me on that? Since I was pregnant last spring/summer and still mostly in my post-pregnancy, kinda-still-maternity clothes the… Read More

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