Jonathan Adler for Amazon: Some Favorites

I don’t know how I missed this news! Jonathan Adler released a line of furniture and accessories on Amazon, and there’s so many cute things. If you’re not familiar with his work, Jonathan Adler started his career as a potter and then branched out to furniture and other home goods that all feature his recognizable midcentury-modern, tongue-in-cheek style. I’ve loved his work for forever but couldn’t possibly afford 99% of it! The new Now House by Jonathan Adler collection for Amazon definitely makes his iconic style more accessible and affordable, with a lot of the smaller decorative items for around $30-50.… Read More

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Ferdinand and the Bee: Our Halloween 2018

Are you familiar with The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf? It’s a cute children’s book written in the ’30s that was the inspiration for the animated Ferdinand movie. In the story, Ferdinand is a bull who just wants to smell the flowers and isn’t interested in fighting like all the other bulls. One day some men come to choose the biggest and fiercest bull to take to the bull fights in Madrid. Ferdinand, of course, is not interested, so he goes to sit under his favorite tree, but ends up sitting on a BEE! After getting stung, he ends… Read More

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Our Fall & Halloween Living Room Tour!

Hello there! I’m so excited to show you the small changes we’ve made to decorate our house for fall and Halloween. I love updating our living room for the seasons and holidays, but in simple, not totally over-the-top ways, like switching out pillow covers and adding a few pumpkins here and there. The shift into fall is always inspiring to me. After spending the summer mostly outside and running around, fall makes me want to turn my focus back inside to get cozy and settle in for the long winter months ahead. Give me cozy blankets, delicious candles (this Hearth… Read More

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