The 75 Books I Read in 2020 & My 10 Favorites

Everyone has their ways to try to manage the insanity that has been 2020 — bingeing TV, making sourdough — and I read. Reading is BY FAR my favorite escape from reality, and boy oh boy did I want to escape this year. So I read 75 books. Last year, I read 27. So there’s that. So I might not read all the most popular books. It’s no secret that my very favorite genre is cozy mysteries, the sweet kind of mystery where you don’t have to read about any scary or gory, the sleuth is usually an amateur who… Read More

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12 Apple Recipes Perfect for Fall

A few weeks ago we took the kids apple picking at Quarry Hill Orchards outside of Cleveland and it was so much fun. It’s a nice, low-key kind of place, with no entrance fee — just pay by the bag, $25 — and no fuss. No wagon rides or petting zoos or corn mazes, but just really, really good apples and great, wholesome, socially distanced fun for everyone. They also have a cute shop. But then we got home with this huge bag of apples and WHAT WERE WE GOING TO DO WITH THEM?!?! One can only eat so many… Read More

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The Cabin Bathroom Reveal!

When we first bought our cabin, we thought the bathroom was good enough that a full renovation could wait a few years… Then we showered for the first time and after our very first time using the bathroom said IT HAS TO GO NOW. The floor was disgusting — so dirty it could never get cleaned. The shower was microscopic. I could barely turn around and I’m not a big person. We knew it would be expensive and complicated, because renos always are. We didn’t know we’d get dumped by our contractor, there would be a global pandemic mid-construction, it… Read More

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