DIY Modern Horizontal-Plank Gate

If we’re going to be honest here (and why shouldn’t we be), our backyard is a sore spot for us. It’s not what we want, but we’re working on it. But our gate seemed to always set the tone for what we were getting into when we walked into the backyard. The fence and gate that came with our house was a collapsing mess. Looking at it while it was closed, sure, it looks fine. But as soon as you got close, all the problems became apparent: there’s that board in the middle that is a different size, the posts… Read More

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Good Golly, Olly is 11 Months Old and Joey is 2.5!

On July 3rd Oliver turned 11-months old, and the following day Joanna turned two-and-a-half! It’s such a super fun age for both of them, and we’re having the best summer. Joey has just become the most delightful, hilarious, wonderful little girl, and Olly is starting to develop so much personality. There’s such an interesting thing that happens with babies where you actually go through a process of “meeting” your own children. Not just on the day they’re born, because let’s be honest babies don’t really do much for the first few months, but then there’s this sort of personality explosion… Read More

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July Projects

We have had quite a couple of weeks. We finished some big projects, made some big changes, had some big fun, celebrated a big birthday (Joey’s 2.5), and experienced some big yucks… like when we went about eight hours without power when it was in the high 90s, and a couple days later when we went 36 hours without Internet, oh and those two mouse we found in our kitchen. EEK! Through it all, the most exciting part is finishing some of the projects that we’ve had on our to-do list for a really long time. Since we haven’t had a… Read More

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