Ten Simple Swaps for a Greener Home

I read a quote recently that was along the lines of: “It’s better to have a lot of people making a few changes to produce less waste than a few people making a lot of changes.” It can be intimidating and terrifying when you hear about what’s happening to our environment, and it’s like, I can never do enough to make a difference. Or I want to help but I don’t want to make any huge, complicated lifestyle changes, so maybe I’ll just do nothing. I get it. I’ve felt the same way at time. But in our family we’ve… Read More

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Let’s Get Casual + June Recap

Oh hi there! We haven’t actually fallen off the face of the earth, contrary to what you may believe! Eek. We got so, so busy and overwhelmed, and, yes, quite a bit stressed out, preparing for the big move to the cabin, and all of the posts I had scheduled just didn’t quite get finished. But we’re here, at the cabin, which has furniture — even if it’s not all where it’s supposed to be and there’s a million unpacked boxes! At the end of last week, we filled up a Uhaul which Andy drove up to the cabin to… Read More

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Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries

a roundup of cherry-themed items

Can you believe next week is the first day of summer? We’re also just a couple weeks away from the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, which just happens to be the same time that we’ll be in town to work on the cabin’s kitchen! Even though we’re obviously going to be super busy — you know, building a kitchen from scratch by ourselves and all — we’ll have to take a break or two to check out the festivities! Because I love a good theme, I couldn’t help but search high and low for all of the most adorable… Read More

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