Ten of Our Favorite Books for a Two Year Old

Joey Lulu LOVES books. She would probably be content to read all day with just a few breaks to run around before settling back in to read some more! My mother was a librarian so reading was (and still is) a huge part of my life, and it makes me infinitely happy to be able to nurture a lifelong love of books in Joey as well (she is named after my mother, after all!). Eventually of course I’d like to do the same with Olly, though at nine months old he’s more interested in chewing on books right now! I… Read More

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Good Golly, Olly is Nine Months Old!

This little guy is nine months old! Oliver is so happy, so laid back, rarely cries, frequently giggles. Basically he’s just a wonderful kid! (Not that we’re biased or anything!!!) He’s also a giant, in the 97th percentile for height, and the 67th percentile for weight. He has two teeth and is seconds away from crawling (ok technically he started on Sunday, but that was AFTER he turned nine months, so it doesn’t count!) Nine months is a great age, too. He’s settled into a predictable routine, which makes life so much easier. He wakes up around 7, takes a… Read More

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Plans for the Kids’ Bathroom

There is only one room in our house that we haven’t touched yet, and that’s our second full bathroom, which we call the kids’ bath. Or affectionally, “Under the Tuscan Sun.” The Italian-style tile makes it feel like you can practically smell the olive trees, haha. It’s not what we would have picked if we were starting from scratch, but I don’t mind it and think it was very well done for what it is. We have no plans to change it, at least for like another ten years. It’s just… so beige. So so so beige. Beige tile, beige… Read More

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