No-Spend August: We Did This Thing

No-Spend August has come to an end! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go back to our post at the beginning of the month where we explained exactly what we wanted to do, how we were doing it, and why. The short story is we felt like our spending had gotten out of control, buying things with wild abandon that we probably didn’t need. We wanted to give ourselves a break and reset our priorities. The first thing we did was create some ground rules about what we could and could not buy for the whole month.… Read More

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All the Things I Want to Buy When I Can Buy Things

No-Spend August is coming to an end in just a few days, eek, so we’ll have a big update next week all about how it went and what we learned. But in the meantime, I just can’t help but think about ALL the things I could buy on September 1st! I hate to get all “it’s fall, yay” like every other blogger out there, especially because it’s not at all fall. It’s been hovering steadily around ten thousand degrees all week, so fall just doesn’t really seem like a thing quite yet. However, these fall-like colors have been ALLLL I… Read More

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ROAR! Oliver’s Rainbow Dinosaur First Birthday Party

I couldn’t be more excited to share the photos from Oliver’s first birthday party! In typical Kerry fashion, I started thinking about a theme for the party, oh, when he was born… and then changed my mind every other day until about a month before his birthday! After Andy politely mentioned that he didn’t want to hear anything else about it ever again until I chose a theme and stuck with it, I was complaining to a friend, one day I want rainbows and the next day I want dinosaurs, and she said, “Well ‘rainbow dinosaurs’ sounds fun…” And that was… Read More

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