Good Golly, Olly is Five Months and Joey is Two!

Last week was a BIG week around here! Not only did we celebrate a brand new year, but Joanna turned two years old, and Oliver turned five months old. These might be my favorite photos of Joey ever. On Joey’s birthday we gave her all her favorite things — a cheeseburger and fries from McDonald’s, a chocolate milkshake from Malley’s, ramen from Noodlecat, and a day with her grandparents (we’re pretty sure she likes them more than us!). Then over the weekend we were hosting Andy’s extended family for a Christmas dinner, so we decided to also treat it like… Read More

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It’s 2018!! Here’s This Year’s Home Reno To-Do List!

Hello! Long time no talk. Seriously, sooo long. HAPPY 2018! We had our last holiday parties of the year this past weekend, so we can finally start getting back into the swing of real life, which feels good. I kind of just want life to be routine again… or as routine as life is when you’re constantly updating your house! Which brings us right into today’s topic … our 2018 to-do list! We like to start each year with a general idea of what projects we want to tackle. Of course we often veer from the list when things happen… Read More

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Good Golly! Olly Is Four Months Old

Remember when the doctors thought I was going to have the world’s biggest baby so they induced me a week early… and then he turned out to be just a normal, slightly smallish baby? Well. Now he’s the world’s biggest baby! Ok. Not “in the whole world.” Probably. But in two months Oliver has grown 3.25 inches and gone up two sizes, putting him in the 98th percentile for height. For weight he’s in the 67th percentile. He’s approximately the same size Joey was at seven months old! And she was a big baby too. I still have no idea… Read More

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