Working Out After Babies

This is a more personal post than normal. I don’t love talking about myself and I especially don’t like sharing photos! It makes me feel so awkward, like, who even cares about my exercise schedule!! So I wrote this last week and kept getting embarrassed about posting it… but I also know that A LOT, like almost ALL mothers (and also fathers! It changes their lives drastically too!) struggle with their bodies after having a baby. I mean, having a kid changes EV-ER-Y-THING, physically, mentally, and with your time/scheduling/priorities/lifestyle. So maybe my/our story will help you. I reached a milestone… Read More

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Our Experience With Furniture Reupholstering

This post is a long-time in the making! And, well, it’s also just long. If you’ve been following Burritos and Bubbly for a while, you may remember the orange chair that has been a signature feature of so many of our rooms over the years… for better or worst!! Here are a few pictures of the orange chair over the years. In our living room … In our playroom… (which looks way different now, btw. We owe you updated pictures!) In the family room of our old house … And in the formal living room of our old house… (see… Read More

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Good Golly, Olly is Eight Months Old!

Oliver is growing up so fast. On the one hand he’s definitely still very much a baby, especially compared to his older sister Joanna, who at two is a running-jumping-demanding-complete-sentence-yelling toddler; but at the same time he’s not at all the infant that he used to be. He’s becoming a real person! He even has a tooth now! His first tooth came in right before Easter, and he’s close to getting his second. Olly’s personality is also really starting to blossom and it’s so much fun. He loves to yell and sing. When he gets frustrated he bangs his hands… Read More

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