Cabin Kitchen Design Plans

Earlier this week, Andy shared with you our cabin kitchen layout plans, and today I’m going to show you what it’s going to look like! This is where it really gets fun (for me!). While it’s taken us a while to make all our design decisions (and we haven’t made them all yet), one thing we’ve always known about the cabin kitchen is it will definitely not have white cabinets! We did white cabinets in our last house’s kitchen AND our current house’s kitchen, and it’s time for something different! We weren’t sure what color at first and were looking… Read More

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Cabin Kitchen Layout Plans

You may find this shocking, considering the blog you’re on, but there aren’t really that many “projects” at the cabin. Sure, there is painting that needs to be done, and plenty of design choices, but there are no walls to knock down, no bathrooms to totally renovate (uh… sort of), no patios to build. Sure, the roof needs to be replaced, and the septic tank might be shot, but the DIY stuff that we can handle is relatively small. We’ve said it in pretty much every conversation we’ve had about the cabin: the kitchen is small. And we are totally… Read More

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Let’s Get Casual + March Recap

Did March seriously fly by for anyone else? In fact, over the weekend we went to a restaurant only to find that it was closed for a private event, which I’d seen on their website beforehand but thought to myself, “well, March 31 is weeks away.” Um, nope!! Two big things happened this month: 1) Andy surprised me with a date night, including staying at a downtown hotel!! It was the sweetest, most desperately needed thing ever. You can read a little more about it on my Instagram post. 2) And then we FINALLY made it up to our cabin… Read More

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