The first month

Is there anything more overwhelming and terrifying than buying your first house?  What about when that house is a 120-year-old 5-bedroom historic site that I bought all by myself?  


Those first few days all I could think was, What have I gotten myself into?!  How do I make this place feel like me?  How do I combine my modern furniture with the antique pieces I’ve inherited from the last three generations of my family?  How do I turn a house into a home?  How many rooms can I paint pink without making my boyfriend run away?  

Looking back at the first month, I can see that we’ve made A TON of progress.  We’ve painted three rooms, moved in two moving vans full of furniture, carried countless boxes up countless flights of stairs.  I know enough to know that I will never really be DONE with my love of decorating and tweaking and changing things, but at least I will have a really great time doing it!!

And, about that pink question … it’s two rooms and counting, so far.
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