Today’s color inspiration

I want to show you what ‘s on my mind today: color.  As I’m sitting here literally surrounded by paint chips and sample cans and I’ve made multiple trips to the paint store this week, I’m imaging the perfect shade of blue, a greeny-blue that is both cheerful and relaxing.  Oh, the elusive perfect color!! To call it Robin’s Egg Blue makes it sound as sweet as it looks, right?

A few months ago I came across this kitchen island on Country Living, and I’ve probably gone back to look at it 25 times because it is the EXACT shade of blue that I am in love with.  It’s pure perfection.  Plus, the piece of furniture is great.
These half-painted boards are great, via Apartment Therapy.
I love dining room chairs painted an unexpected color, via One Sydney Road
This dandelion print by papermoth is adorable.
Aren’t these cake toppers just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life, by CountrySquirrelsRUS
Another bird.  This one is a drawer knob!  I want one, immediately.  By riricreations.

Soon you’ll see where this inspiration is leading!  Hopefully it comes to life this weekend.

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