Today’s inspiration: chalkboard walls

I am in love with black chalkboard walls.  I just love how they are so dramatic and yet totally playful at the same time.  Painting a wall with black chalkboard paint adds a sense of humor to a room, and I am a huge fan of making a house quirky, unexpected, and a little humorous.  Have FUN in your house!!

So chalkboard walls are on my mind this weekend, and I’m going to share some of my inspiration pictures, starting with sfgirlbybay blogger Victoria Smith’s dining room.  When she posted pictures in May about her newly chalkboard-painted dining room, I almost fell out of my chair.  I was head over heels in love with the way it looked.  This week, brand new (and totally awesome) online magazine Rue did a big feature on Victoria’s house, which also shows off her amazing black walls.  These are pictures from her original blog post.
When I started going through the links I have saved in my inspiration bookmark folder this morning, I realized I have a LOT of chalkboard walls saved.  A lot of these are ideas I have every intention of incorporating into my own home… and some of them I already have.  Pictures soon!
A door became a chalkboard to-do list in Beach Cottage on Design*Sponge 
(I shared a bunch of pictures of her house once before)

An amazing kitchen via desire to inspire
Anthropologies’s July catalog, via Poppytalk.  So quirky.  So wonderful.
My goal for today is to get three rooms prepped and photographed to share all the updates we’ve done in the last few weeks.  And by prepped, I mean I have a lot of cleaning to do!  
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