Week seven: dining room

Long before I moved in, even before I bought this house, I knew I wanted the dining room to be pink.  Yes, pink.  For real.

I mean, think of a dining room.  It’s formal and stuffy.  You don’t generally use it that much.  Why not paint it the most beautiful, happy, ironic color.  Why not have a gothic pink dining room?  Pink walls, dark furniture, pictures of dead relatives in gold frames.  Add some humor.  Have fun with it.  Besides, if it’s my house, no one can tell me not to…

Especially when this dreary slate blue room is what I was dealing with. (This was taken when the last owners were here.)  There is nothing fun about this room at all.

Once again it was hard to decide on the perfect shade of pink.  Did I want hot pink or baby pink?  More coral or more lavender?  My dishes are red, so a couple weeks after moving in I bought a red and pink rug to give myself a jumping-off point.  I needed focus.
And then my dining room furniture moved in, but after years and maybe decades in the barn, it was covered in thick, awful layers of dust and cobwebs.
As soon as the first brush of pink went on the wall, though, it was worth all the scrubbing and all the trips to the paint store.  It was amazing.  No more cold blue cave.  Hello “Irresistible” by Sherwin Williams. Hello fun gothic pink dining room.
And now, the (not quite) finished product is everything I dreamed of months ago, way back in May when my friend Shana saw this picture on Design*Sponge and emailed me to say, “You have to paint your dining room pink.”
And I replied, “Yes, I do.”
But first I needed to buy a house.

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