Week six: the rumpus room

When I was thinking about moving into this house, the tv room/family room/rumpus room was one of the few rooms I thought I didn’t want to re-paint.  It was a warm sort of olive green.  Not my favorite color, but not terrible.  But after about 8 hours in this room, I hated it.  It was dark and depressing.  The blinds were dark.  The lighting was dark.  It was the color of pea soup.  I don’t even like pea soup!

This, unfortunately, is what I actually lived in for weeks.  A dark, depressing pea soup dungeon of piled-up furniture.

The big problem was: what color to paint it!  By the time I settled on a color, there were 44 paint chips taped to the walls of this room.  44 shades of everything from emerald green to lavender blue, even cream, and seven big swatches of paint.

With the first brush of the seventh paint sample, before it had even dried, I knew it was the one.  Finally.
It’s “Reflecting Pool” by Sherwin Williams.
A bright coat of beautiful paint, new linen curtains, new lighting, furniture in its place, and the rumpus room is happy, youthful, and bright.  It’s now the room I want to spend most of my time in. 
The whole family wants to live in this room now.
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