Inspiration: Hogwarts

Ok, believe me, I know how silly this all sounds, but let me convince you.  Inspiration really is all around you.  Even at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Take a look at these pictures…

This wall of art reminds me of one featured in the Sept. issue of Martha Stewart Living.  Someday if I ever get around to hanging some paintings, maybe my house will look like this… with pink walls!!  
This vignette makes me think, don’t be scared to display the things you like, even if those things might be, well, a little scary.  This is what makes a house a home.  Plus, everything looks better grouped together.
I love the colors of this tapestry and the many layers of tapestry, art, furniture.  Very smart.
This dramatic light fixture is perfect.
I love this.  The plants were so interesting and weird, and even though it was just part of the line to get into Hogwarts, the space was full of interest, it just made me think that the best decorating really is all about the details.
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