Week eight: the guest room

So after painting the rumpus room, I jumped right into painting the guest room the following week.  At this point there was barely a month until the Halloween Housewarming Party and no time to waste.  Luckily for me most of the room is painted a nice sort of periwinkle blue, so the only thing I wanted to paint over was the lime green nook in the back.

What better to do with a little sleeping nook than paint it pitch black … but not just any black…  chalkboard black!  Yes.  I’m so excited about it.  Here’s the room now, painted and partly put together:  

I love the things in this room.  The orange seashell chair I picked up a couple of years ago at a super fun vintage store in Cleveland called Flower Child.  The rug, like most of the rugs in my house, is an indoor/outdoor rug that can easily be hosed off if a cat does something disgusting to it.  The vase I got in Romania at a road-side craft stand.  The peacock comforter is Anthropologie.  The blue-framed mirror I got at Ikea a million years ago.  The nook is the exact same size as a full-size bed, which means making the bed is terrible, but it’s the perfect little cubbyhole for sleeping.

Remember this photo I posted a while ago from the Anthropologie catalog?  Taking inspiration from it, ultimately my plan is to draw maybe a headboard, maybe a bedside table on the chalkboard walls…  I have a ton of ideas.

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