Week ten: kitchen island

Let me tell you a tale of a kitchen island…

So there was an island in this kitchen that the previous owners took with them when they moved.  My first week here, I ordered a new kitchen island from JC Penney, antique white with a stainless steel top.  It shipped the following day and arrived two days after that.  Amazing.

After this and that and painting the kitchen and everything else, we set out to put the island together a few weeks later, opened the box and immediately saw that Part F was broken right in half.

Called Penney’s the next day and they said they’d send a new Part F.  It arrived a week or two later.  Amazing.

Once again we set out to put the island together with the now working Part F.  Got the entire base put together — not the easiest thing ever, but definitely worth it.  The stainless steel top was the last piece to put on.  Opened that up and …  it’s damaged.

Called Penney’s the next day and they said they’d send a new top.  Amazing.

After four weeks, still no top.  Not amazing.  For four weeks we lived with a topless island.  Not even an island, but a big open wood box that just felt like it was in the way all the time.

Called Penney’s again.  They told me I needed to bring the damaged top back to a store and they’d ship a new one there for me to exchange.  Ok.  Fine.  A week later, it arrived.  We drove out to Parma and got the new top, crossed our fingers, and brought it home.

Finally!  After nine weeks, we finally had our kitchen island.  Amazing. It provides the countertop space that we really needed and, even though it takes up most of the floor, somehow manages to make the kitchen seem bigger.

I don’t have any pictures right now, but I’ll make sure to post one soon.

As much hassle as this all was, JC Penney customer service was always very nice and helpful.  They even rebated me the shipping charges, and the island was way cheaper than any other I found online.

A long tale with a happy ending…

The end.

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