Week thirteen: party prep

One week till the Halloween Housewarming Party!!!  This week was all about party prep — frantically moving the last boxes up to the attic, cleaning, getting costumes ready, and putting up the decorations.  I had a lot of projects going on.
Andy and I wanted to be a witch and wizard.  While I actually didn’t figure out my costume until literally the day before the party, I started making Andy’s a few weeks in advance.  I made him a robe and a pointy hat.  For the robe I used black denim fabric that had the best weight without being too stiff or flimsy, and for the hat I used sparkly black corduroy, of all things, which I triple layered with some leftover denim.  It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out the geometry of how to make it.    
I wanted all my decorations to have a sort of gothic, spooky, old creepy house vibe.  I bought these purple feather wreaths on sale at JoAnn’s along with a couple of black raven ornaments, which I wired into the wreaths.  Super easy, super cheap project, and I was really happy with the end result.

After we put together the kitchen island, I started to throw away all the packing material and realized there were a lot of really great things in there for decorations.  
I cut the large pieces of styrofoam into tombstone shapes and spraypainted them grey.  With the one piece that had a square hole already in it, I put a piece of black fabric across that space and glued on two sets of googly eyes I had around the house….  Creepy eyes from beyond the grave.  Andy painted on some fun epitaphs.

This is what the entryway looked like, with the finished tombstones and a bunch of ghosts and black streamers to make our own creepy cemetery.  
To complete the look, we hung ravens above the door in the dining room, the room where all the food would be.  I LOVE the way the black ravens look against the pink paint.  They were supposed to be Halloween decorations, but I’m pretty sure those birds are a permanent addition to that room.  I love them.
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