A Victorian Kitchen

One of the biggest joys of owning an old home is discovering new things about it.  The other day I was in my basement doing laundry and started thinking about the brick chimney that leads upwards from there.  It made me realize that there’s a chimney hiding in my kitchen!  Part of me is so curious to rip the plaster off and see if there’s something gorgeous underneath, like the red brick chimney in our master bedroom.  Another part of me enjoys the shelves that are there currently and doesn’t really want to lose them.  And what if there’s nothing gorgeous underneath at all except crumbling old bricks, and I’m stuck with nothing but a huge mess?

I’m constantly dreaming about renovating my kitchen.  It’s definitely ok.  Now that the fridge monstrosity is gone, every part of the kitchen is at least functional.  I have more cabinets than things to put in them.  With the kitchen island there’s enough counter space.  I really can’t complain… But, I mean, I WILL complain.  Those cabinets look like they’re some sort of laminate straight out of 1985, and they are so beat up.  The floor.  Ugh, the floor.  I love the black and white checkerboard pattern, but the linoleum is peeling and cracking around the corners.  What do you think is hiding under that linoleum?  I actually got curious this morning and peeled back a corner that was already popping up…  more linoleum!  There has to be a wood floor under there somewhere.  But what if it’s just piles and piles of linoleum forever and ever on top of a rotted old wood floor, and I’m stuck with nothing but a huge mess?

So, for now, I dream.  I look at pretty kitchens with pretty white cabinets and sinks that look out pretty windows as they should.  I wander through the kitchen section of Home Depot and pick up brochures about cabinet refacing.  I look at amazing kitchens like this one from Country Living, which was designed to look like a modernized Victorian kitchen.  Those cabinets are so perfect.  The tin tile backsplash is amazing.  And that floor — it’s the original wood painted with a pale green and white diamond pattern.  Sigh.

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