Inspired holiday decorating

I mentioned before that I’m feeling somewhat less than motivated to get out my boxes of Christmas decorations.  But there are a few things I’ve come across lately that could still inspire some holiday spirit in me.

I ADORE these simple stockings that I saw on me and Alice, and that she found in Canadian House and Home.  What a super sweet idea.  I like the innocent sincerity of using socks instead of something fancy and pretentious.
They kinda make me want to hang up the sock puppets Andy and I made for our silly Halloween Housewarming party invitation video!!

These window decals at attic72 are another perfectly simple, subtle nod to the season without a ton of fuss and muss.  Just what I’m looking for these days.  There are three versions available, and also Christmas cards and other items, all inspired by French Christmas carols.  They’re perfect for a storefront, but I could also see them on my front windows, maybe next to the front door.  So pretty.

I’m OBSESSED with these paper angels by Dutch artist Jurianne Matter, which I saw first on the decor8 blog.  I have a soft spot for angels, since they remind me of my mother, and I can’t help but be drawn to them. These ones are just the cutest things, and well, I already put in an order for a set of seven at Linda Ferrol Studio!!  I can’t wait to get them!

How gorgeous is this package from the “Ways to Wrap” section of the Anthropologie website?! I love a fancy package, even though I never quite get around to doing anything beyond buying a bag of cheap bows at Target at the last minute.  Boooring.

Between the pinky-purple felted balls on this package and the snowball-looking felted-ball wreaths at West Elm (sadly, no longer available), I really need to learn how to make these myself.  Can’t you just imagine a big wreath like this in beautiful shades of pink hanging on my front door?  So good.

Maybe I’m starting to feel a little decorating motivation afterall…

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