Week seventeen: new appliances!

Oh my goodness, finally we have new kitchen appliances, yay yay yay!  The ones we had worked (well, after the oven was repaired and the garbage disposal replaced — we didn’t put plastic down the disposal, I swear!), but the fridge and dishwasher were terrible.

My kitchen isn’t exactly big.  Every inch needs to be put to good use.  And for some reason a previous owner thought this petite kitchen needed the world’s largest refrigerator … and not only that, but the largest fridge with the smallest capacity.  Seriously, what were they thinking with this thing?  I don’t even know how they got it in here.  There was barely enough space next to the fridge to allow us to get into the basement where the laundry is.  We had to lift our laundry baskets over the countertop and squeeze ourselves through to reach the door.  We couldn’t even open the refrigerator door all the way.  But yet the interior of the fridge was too small for a pizza box.  On top of all that, the fridge was white and the cabinets off-white.  Come on!
— seriously stupid old fridge —
Likewise, the old dishwasher was, well, old.  We could only wash two or three dishes at a time because some of the tines were broken.  That thing was beat up.
Thanks to a huge end-of-season sale at Home Depot, we were able to replace both appliances with nice, shiny new Maytags.  Soooo nice.  It made all the difference in the world to that kitchen.  The new fridge is 3 inches smaller in the width, and double the capacity.
— so shiny and new, and look, it actually fits in the room —
— all the Thanksgiving leftovers fit, too, with room to spare! —
Now to replace the cabinets … and the floor … and …
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