Week twenty-one: cookie party!

Every year before Christmas my girlfriends and I get together for a cookie party.  We each make enough cookies to be able to give at least half a dozen to each girl.  We drink wine, exchange Secret Santa presents, and do a lot of laughing.  Then we get to go home with a beautiful tray of cookies made by our friends.  Aren’t traditions great?!
This year I decided to get Andy a KitchenAid mixer for Christmas.  He’s been making a lot of ice cream and really working on perfecting some recipes (with an ice cream shop in his future?!).  But his mixer was full-on antique.  It worked ok, but the motor didn’t sound good.  At all.  I spent hours agonizing over which one to get and in which color, and a week before Christmas it was delivered to our back porch…  in a big cardboard box that said KITCHENAID MIXER… and Andy was the first one home.  UGH!! 

Well, it wasn’t all bad.  I got to use the new mixer to make my cookie-party cookies!
Andy’s latest creation: pumpkin ice cream… 
soooo good!

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