Week twenty-two: a pink bike for Christmas!!!


I have been wanting a little pink bike for the longest time, just a little one without all those fancy gears and brakes.  When gears and handlebar brakes entered my life, that was when my relationship with bikes officially ended.  I never figured those things out.  I was about 10.

I spent years not knowing that such a thing existed as a grown-up bike like the one I had as a little kid, and as soon as I learned that, I knew I had to have one.  I imagined the cute little outfits I’d wear as I rode around my neighborhood on my cute little bike.  Less than a month after we started dating, I sent Andy an email: If I had a bike, this is exactly what I hope I’d look like in it…

(It’s a print by Grey Cardigan, one of my all-time favorite Cleveland artists)

Well, Andy was listening.  To that and all of the other ten million emails I sent him after it with pictures of the bikes I loved.

He shocked me with the bike at his parents’ house on Christmas Day, after all the other presents had been opened, and I never expected anything like it in a million years.  I was stunned.  I was shocked.  I jumped up and down and I cried.  I can’t wait for spring when I can ride around my neighborhood on the best bike ever next to the best boy ever.

(Isn’t it the cutest!)
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