2011 Challenge Update

Well, I certainly started my new year’s challenge with a bang.  I cooked three homemade meals the first week, and I am so proud of myself!  
First, spinach lasagna, a tried-and-true cold-weather favorite that kept us full of leftovers for a few days.  Then I made some easy peasy garlicky black bean and cheese burritos.  I debated about whether this even counted as cooking since it was so easy, but considering I started out on the couch with just a bowl of black beans and some stale tortilla chips, the burritos were definitely a step up.  We finished the week with an absolutely amazing salmon meal, which we first saw on the Food Network on my new favorite cooking show, Five Ingredient Fix.  Delicious and five ingredients or less?  Sign me up.  The recipe is here.  
Green tea poached salmon with ginger lime sauce, and a side of artichokes.  
Oh, and champagne, of course.
For dessert, molten chocolate lava cakes.
Ok, so only one cake actually turned out, but wow, that one was so full of amazing chocolatey lava-y goodness.
Andy declared it “the best meal of 2011 so far!”
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