Week twenty-three: Happy New Year!

Well, hello 2011.  Nice to meet you. 

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t something I usually bother with, but a new year is such a perfect opportunity to start something new or take a step in a different direction. It’s also a great chance to give yourself a challenge.  With a clean slate, why not see what you can do?

Last night we spent 10 minutes standing in front of our completely packed fridge and found absolutely nothing to make for dinner.  Nothing.  We looked at each other and said, we have to fix this.  So here’s my challenge for 2011: let’s make 52 homemade meals this year.

There’s plenty of families where cooking once a week is no challenge. When I was growing up we ate every night together at the dinner table and went out to dinner together every Friday, like clockwork.  But that doesn’t work for me.  I have a crazy work schedule and a busy social life, and I generally consider a plate of Minute Rice a nice meal at home.  Um.  It’s not.

So, let’s fix this.
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