2011 Challenge Update

We had an amazing stretch of nice warm weather last week. 40, 50, even 60 degrees! in February! in Cleveland! I was so happy to watch the thick sheet of ice in my driveway shrink and disappear. We all knew it wouldn’t last. Like I said, it’s February, in Cleveland. We have a long way to go with winter. But we wanted to take advantage of “pretend spring” as much as possible. I wore socks without shoes.  Yay! And then, even better, we decided to grill.

On Sunday morning we were thinking about what to eat for dinner, looking at the sun out the kitchen window and the birds chirping happily in the backyard, and decided we would love to grill some salmon. Outside. A few hours and a trip to the grocery store later gave us, well, the end of pretend spring. It was snowing! And sleeting! And freezing rain! But you know what? We grilled anyway. And it was delicious. Because that’s what you do when it’s February in Cleveland and you have a taste of spring.

Andy grilling on the back porch in the snow and freezing rain.
Alternate caption: Quick, there’s a homeless man using my grill!
Salmon with lime butter sauce, grilled asparagus, and saffron rice,
with nice big glasses of cherry kool-aid.
Alternate caption: yummm
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