2011 Challenge Update

I don’t care about the big game.  I don’t care about the commercials.  I just want the FOOD!

We made the best game-time spread last night: tacos (beef for Andy and black bean for me), Mexican-flavored rice, and a six-layer dip (pinto beans, black beans, cheese, avocados, lettuce, salsa). It was all incredibly delicious, and it was also way way too much food for the two of us! Oh well. I love our new habit of cooking together on Sunday evening. It’s the perfect way to wind down the last few hours of the weekend.

Andy made a couple other delicious things this weekend that I can’t really count on my list, since I mostly just hovered around him being annoying while he cooked. He made an amazing cooked apple/cinnamon/brown sugar concoction on Saturday and then some really good smoked gouda grilled cheeses for lunch yesterday (plus prosciutto on his sandwich).
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