The bedroom: yellow and gray

The master bedroom was the first room we painted when we moved in, and we painted it a really nice, soft grey. Even before I moved in I knew I wanted that room to be grey and yellow. Actually, I’d say I knew that even before I bought the house! Yellow and grey is the perfect combination of subtle and intense, calm and cheerful, and is perfect for a bedroom. But we haven’t really done anything to that room since. A couple days ago I saw the cutest print by Blanca Gomez — shades of grey and black with a bright, sunshiney balloon, and it made me so happy. It also really inspired me to start thinking about the master bedroom again.

Present by Blanca Gomez
Right now the master bedroom is really boring.  The walls are completely bare and there’s no decoration whatsoever. Mostly it’s just filled with piles of laundry. Since someday we’ll paint the hallway yellow, which extends all the way down the stairs and includes the main entryway of the house, I really don’t want to overdue it in that room. I want the bedroom to be a restful oasis from all the bright color everywhere else, but with punches of yellow to keep it from being too somber and boring. I think whenever I finally get around to decorating that room, it’s going to be a lot of fun. And maybe someday we’ll even learn to put our laundry away. Yeah, probably not.
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