Week thirty: bathroom

I was stunned this morning when I walked into the bathroom and saw the sun streaming in the window. Oh, sun, I love you so!

Have you met my first floor bathroom? It’s purple. Really, really purple. When I first moved in, I hated the purple in here, which is weird considering how much I love color. I’m actually not the biggest fan of purple in general, and also, with all the muted colors on the first floor, the bathroom stick out like a sore thumb. But I moved in and amped up all the other first floor rooms with bright, happy colors, so now the bathroom doesn’t look so different. 

Now, I love this tiny room. I love how bright it is. I love how the sun washes over it, even in the depths of winter. I love the grey letterpress shower curtain. I love the shark toy that Andy put on the back of the toilet. I even love all the purple, and how it looks totally different in every picture.

For anyone who’s actually paying attention (and who would be?), I skipped a few weeks of updates. It was on purpose, I promise. I have some some really exciting (for me) changes to the kitchen and rumpus room to show you, so one of these days I’ll get around to taking some pictures!
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