Week thirty-three: the bedroom

Yay, I love progress!! The other day I brainstormed all of my ideas about the bedroom, and this weekend we moved a step forward in making those ideas happen.  Getting stuff done!!

And speaking of getting stuff done, with this post, I’m actually all caught up on blogging.  Woo! I love being on schedule.

So, anyway…

Here’s the bed before…

And the new bed frame after… 

All this before noon on a Sunday! We put a whole bed together before most people are done with Sunday brunch!  (And by “we” I mean 100% Andy with me hovering nearby handing him bolts and getting in the way.)
Let’s just say this thing was NOT the easiest “some assembly required” project. Some of the parts didn’t go together very well, and there was a lot of lying on the floor trying to reach really awkward angles in the corners. But Andy is the most patient person I know, and the new bed looks great!
The new bed frame is a good 5 inches taller than the old metal one. I literally have to jump up to get into bed. Sorry this picture is so bad. The lighting in this room is awful and we still have that (horrible) plastic on the windows. You can sorta see, though, how the top of the mattress is taller than the nightstands. We debated about taking off the boxspring to lower the bed, but we think it would make the bed too low. Besides, hopping into bed is pretty fun!
We’re going to look into getting a bench or something for the end of the bed, to make it a little easier for the cats to get up. Right now, Trixie is able to get in by using her claws to pull herself up (um, yeah, so that needs to stop) and little Mocha can’t get up there at all. Poor thing. 
I might need to look for a little footstool for myself, too!
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