Week thirty-two: the guest room

Remember the cute little guest room I showed you last time?

Well, this is what it turned into…

Uuugghh! Are you kidding me? The guest room became our “everything” room. Don’t know where to put it? Throw it in the guest room!
Andy and I decided to tackle it on Saturday morning.  Piece by piece we got everything in a place. It’s always amazing how quickly we can get these project done, compared to how long it takes us to get around to doing them. Cleaning this entire room only took a couple of hours, and, honestly, it was kinda fun! 
This room will mostly be used as my craft and sewing room, when we don’t have company (we never have company), so we filled the dresser with all my scissors and ribbons and bits of fabric. Larger bolts of fabric and the piles of linens went into the closet. One day I’ll want to go back in and truly organize everything, and there’s plenty of decorating that still needs to be done. You can see the large dresser mirror on the floor that needs to be hung, and there’s a bunch of art to go up, too. But for now we’re really happy with the room we have.
“Ralph, the monster tomato” bean bag looks pretty happy with his new home on the orange shell chair, too! There are so many things I love in this picture… Ralph, who I had to buy when I got caught hugging him at Target. That chair, which I discovered at an amazing vintage store in Cleveland called Flower Child, and which my friend helped me drag out of there, up some stairs, out of the store and into my car, while my arm was broken and I was no help at all. That set of chrome and glass shelves which my best friend’s brother had in his garage and was throwing away. We brought it home when we were roommates years ago and kept it in the basement until one day I realized if I gave the dirty glass and rusted chrome a good cleaning, it’s actually super cute. And everything on the shelves has a memory attached. That’s how decorating should be, right? Full of love.
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