Week twenty-six: the kitchen

We have done so much around the house over the last few weeks. It’s so great! None of the projects is a big one. No new appliances, no big painting jobs. It’s hard to break it down to have a blog post for each week, but I’ll try to stretch them out. Besides, I have been terrible about taking pictures of the finished projects, so it’s about time I do something! Even if the pictures are pretty bad.

I’m starting with the kitchen, where a couple of small things have made a huge difference. First, the overhead light fixture, aka “the spaceship light.” Way back in, oh, August, we bought a new pendant light at Home Depot, just a simple thing to use until we figure out what we want to do in there, or until I make my mason jar light. When the second of the three bulbs burned out in the old light, we knew it was time to finally make the change rather than bother to replace the bulbs.

The spaceship light BEFORE.  I was a little late remembering to take a picture, so Andy had already started taking it down.

Here’s another picture of it from back on week two (!) when we first painted the kitchen.

Ugh.  I just hated that thing.  I should have taken a picture of myself doing a happy dance when it came down.
Here’s the new light AFTER.  Yay!  Happy dance!
It’s nothing fancy, and like I said, it’s not permanent.  But I do like how it looks in the kitchen, and it goes really well with the new stainless fridge and dishwasher.

Up next, another happy dance in the kitchen… and more bad photography…

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