Is there a garage makeover in my future?

I sure hope so!

I’ve seen a few really amazing garage makeovers lately that have me daydreaming about someday turning mine into something, well, tolerable.  I know the garage I have will never be amazing, but I’ll be happy with functional, organized and safe.  Um, yeah, I fell through the floor once.

Like these great makeovers below, from Country Living and Domino, I’d love to add some shelves, hooks, and storage. A nice coat of paint inside and out would also do wonders. I think these changes are all totally do-able. But oh my goodness it won’t be fun.

1. From Country Living (online here)
2 and 3. Photos from Domino as seen on Design Darling
Compare those to the disaster area I’m dealing with. Uggghhh.
our garage downstairs
and upstairs
and the really, really scary stairs —
you can’t see from this picture that every step is a different size
Ugh, these pictures are totally embarrassing! But in our defense, only probably about 10% of this mess is even ours. Some of it has probably been lying in there for a hundred years! Eek.
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