Week thirty-eight: Happy Easter

Well I meant to post this yesterday, but I hope everyone had a 

H A P P Y   E A S T E !!!
Andy and I colored eggs using natural dyes made from red cabbage (blue) and turmeric (yellow). We picked leaves from our yard and put one on each egg, wrapping the egg in a pair of nylons before putting them in the dye. We let them sit for several hours (while we went to a party!) to let the colors get nice and deep. They aren’t perfect, but I like the way they turned out, especially the yellow ones. The blue seeped under the leaves, so those didn’t really turn out. Even not perfect, we had a great time doing it, and that’s all that really matters!!
By the way, my grandma embroidered this blue tablecloth when she was a little girl.  I love it so much.
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