Week thirty-five: the headboard project

Not every project works out. I had an idea that I wanted to make a headboard out of a door, knowing I had seen a few doors lying around when I did the house inspection last summer. So Andy and I went into some of the scariest parts of our house looking at these doors — with no luck.

We first looked in the storage area at the end of upstairs hallway. Now, I think this whole area is terrifying. If there’s a ghost in this house, it’s here. I mean, there’s a door with a window at the end of the hall! It’s just weird. This also is where the hidden staircase ends. It turns out the stairs have been covered over by a bunch of random boards. It’s just scary.

We found two doors here and they are gorgeous. By measuring them we were able to figure out that they originally would have been in the dining room. But that means they’re also two of the tallest doors in the house, at 83 inches. If we put one of those doors horizontally behind the bed, we’d only have about two inches on either side between the sides and the wall. That’s just too big. Plus, these doors are so beautiful we didn’t have the heart to drill into them. We decided to put them back where we found them.

Next stop: the upstairs of the garage. I showed you a picture of this the other day. First, the stairs are terrifying. They are very clearly handmade and each board is a different size. Some are only about four inches wide. Andy was walking up behind me and could see the boards bowing under me. Scary! But after all that, the only door up there was an outside door with a window. Not what we were hoping for.

So the headboard project was a failure and we’re back to square one. Time to start brainstorming new ideas!

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