Week thirty-four: I left my heart in San Francisco

When I was six or seven years old, after visiting for the first time, I was obsessed with San Francisco. I don’t even know if the word “obsessed” is enough to explain how much I loved that city. It was to the point where my grandma mailed me a tape of Tony Bennett’s “I left my heart in San Francisco.” Um, yeah. And I would lie on the living room floor by the stereo speakers listening to it ALL THE TIME. So I was really happy when Andy invited me to go with him to his cousin’s San Francisco wedding.

We packed a ton of stuff into our four days there… a boat ride around Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate Bridge; a tour of the Anchor brewery, followed by SIX free beer samples; lots and lots of eating; and a breathtakingly beautiful wedding.

Here are a few random vacation pics that I had a lot of fun putting through the Lo-Fi app, which I first read about on Poppytalk.

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