Week thirty-six: yard work cures everything*

I was home sick all week with a cold.  By the time Saturday rolled around, I was so stir crazy I had to get off the couch no matter what.  I lucked out and it was one of the nicest days of the Spring (one of only, oh, two nice Spring days we’ve had so far, ugh), so I got outside and raked some leaves.  I always think sunshine and fresh air is the best cure for everything, so it was nice to get some of both.  I managed to make a pretty good dent in the leaf pile in the back yard, in between coughing fits.  It felt sooo nice to get something done after spending so many days sitting still.

I forgot to take any pictures of my own, but here are some gardening things I’d LOVE to do here someday.

2. Kid Smart Living (via Pinterest)
3. Vintage Fern Flickr (via Pinterest)
* And, by the way, even though yard work made me feel better, I still have this stupid cough three weeks later! Grrr
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