Week forty-one: sunburned, sore, exhausted and very happy

The first sunburn of the year. It’s almost like a badge of honor… “Look at me, I was outside!” After everything I got done this weekend, the burning skin and aching muscles feel totally worth it. I did SO MUCH. So much packed into two little days. It’s hard to even know where to begin.

I mowed the lawn. I went to the garden store. I sprayed weed killer on the driveway. I planted my herb/veggie container garden. I finished raking and cleaning all the dead stuff from the back yard… And that was just Saturday.
Here’s a “before” shot of my backyard, along the driveway. 
Ugh. It was awful. I didn’t even know what was in there.

This is it now.
I still don’t know what all the plants are, but it looks so much better!
I gained a few more feet of driveway.
And here’s my little garden! Isn’t it cute?!
I am super excited about this. I bought a bunch of herbs and one tomato plant. Most of our backyard is shady because of a gigantic old tree, so I put the herb garden at the back of the driveway, where there’s lots of sun. If we need to get into the garage door, all we have to do is move the planters. Easy peasy.
On Sunday, I got up early and started painting! My body was super sore from all the yard work the day before, not to mention my mega sunburn, but I really wanted to get it done. I’ll share pictures later.
And can you believe it, when the painting was done, I went back outside to plant all the flower boxes on the front porch! I am a machine! However, not so smart. When I went to the garden store Saturday I bought three flats of pink impatiens for my five front flower boxes. Three flats sounds right, right? Um, no. Turns out that’s 108 flowers, and my boxes only needed half of that! So I have 50 extra flowers! I have one more flower box in the back to fill and then I’ll easily find places for the rest. Still, I feel pretty dumb! Haha!

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