Week thirty-nine: I joined Pinterest

Do you know of Pinterest? Oh my goodness. It’s about ten million times more addictive than Facebook. In fact, since opening my own Pinterest account (http://pinterest.com/kerryandco), I keep forgetting to look at Facebook at all. I know. It’s seriously that addictive! So it probably goes without saying, I spent all week playing with my new toy and got no housework done at all.

Pinterest is a site where you “pin” images you see online that you like, and then file each image into a folder. So it’s like your very own online inspiration book. Then, you get to peek into other people’s folders, and have access to what is pretty much the world’s most incredible selection of great ideas and pretty things.

Obviously I’m usually most interested in house-type things, though sometimes I stumble on a dress that takes my dress away or a recipe I have to try. There are endless amazing things to find and see. Here are just a few of my new favorites… Happy pinning!

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2 thoughts on “Week thirty-nine: I joined Pinterest

  1. “I stumble on a dress that takes my dress away”

    I think this blog just took a turn in a direction we weren’t expecting.

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