Kitchens and weddings! Kitchens and weddings!

One time Andy yelled, “KITCHENS AND WEDDINGS! KITCHENS AND WEDDINGS! THAT’S ALL YOU THINK ABOUT!” and stomped out of the room. He was totally kidding and came back a minute later laughing. Joking, yes, but wrong? Um, not at all. And that was before we were even engaged.

Because of our upcoming wedding (in May 2012??), we’ve decided to put our new kitchen on hold to save money. Does that mean I’ll have a one-track mind for the next eight months? I hope not. I still like kitchens as much as weddings, but it definitely means I’ll be talking about weddings a lot more on my blog!

I want to start by sharing one of my favorite inspirational weddings. Elsie of A Beautiful Mess shared her own gorgeous, handmade wedding on her blog earlier this year. I looove how colorful and personal it is. It looks like a really good party with a lot of fun and a lot of love. And how can you go wrong with a blue-haired bridesmaid!??

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