And we have wedding colors

We’re having a blue and grey wedding! A turquoisey, tealy, minty, bluey, grey-y wedding!

I was looking through the oh-so-gorgeous blog of Leslie Shewring, A Creative Mint, and when I saw this photo, it was a gasp-out-loud moment. These are the colors we’ve been wanting all along. When Andy and I got engaged in August, blues and greys were the wedding colors I suggested right away — the colors of Cleveland in May — the color of Lake Erie against the ever-present grey sky. But I was having a really hard time defining the colors in my head and figuring out how to put them together… What kind of blues? Andy likes darker ones and I lean more towards aquas, like my engagement ring. I knew I didn’t want to be super matchy matchy and say this exact shade of blue, no exceptions! — but I was getting a little overwhelmed (as I tend to do) when I was trying to decide what would be absolutely perfect. Until I saw this photo. This is it! This is perfect! Now we have a starting point to go from, that we both really like, and I can stop freaking out about picking colors. Phew.

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