Checking on the Halloween checklist

OK, so our Halloween party is four days away. Let’s check in on that Halloween checklist I posted a few weeks ago.

  • find lights or fans for the bedroom  — done, we got really cute lights… that are still in boxes
  • paint bedroom ceiling/trim/walls — yeah, this isn’t happening, and that’s ok
  • make a headboard — nope
  • hang art in the bedroom  — nope
  • hang bedroom curtains — nope
  • hire someone to paint the entry/stairway — we did it and we love it and it’s DONE DONE DONE
  • decorate the entry — all done, I’ll post pictures soon!
  • paint the upstairs hallway — we’re still debating about a color, but we’ll do it eventually
  • patch paint in the kitchen — I forgot about this one. I want to do that this week
  • make new door wreaths — well, I bought some at JoAnn’s, so I’ll count it as done
  • FIND COSTUMES — we have all the bits and pieces and just need to put it all together

I’m really proud of us. We got the biggest project of them all finished and did a lot of things around the house that weren’t even on the list. We’re expecting this to be a much more low-key party than last year’s blowout Halloween Housewarming, and I am totally fine with that. I just think a party is a really great excuse to get a ton of stuff done around the house. It’s never looked better and I couldn’t be happier.

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