That old Halloween to-do list

We’re just short of three weeks from our Halloween party and I’m checking off items on our pre-party to-do list. You may remember this:

  • find lights or fans for the bedroom  bought and delivered!
  • paint bedroom ceiling/trim/walls
  • make a headboard
  • hang art in the bedroom
  • hang bedroom curtains
  • hire someone to paint the entry/stairway  we did it ourselves and we are DONE!
  • decorate the entry
  • paint the upstairs hallway
  • patch paint in the kitchen
  • make new door wreaths
  • FIND COSTUMES  we decided on costumes but just need to make them

The absolute biggest project is done done done! Oh my goodness, of everything we’ve done in this house over the last year, painting the entry was by far the biggest and most exhausting. We finally finished yesterday after four days of painting. I couldn’t be happier. I’ll share pictures soon when we’ve finished putting it all back together.

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