Collecting the fall leaves…. yuck

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone! We had such a good weekend with lots of time spent with friends and family. We also managed to squeeze in some yard work. Now, here’s something you should know about me: I hate leaves.  Hate them. I mean, yeah, they’re pretty… when you’re in the woods, when they’re in someone else’s yard… but at my house, they just make a giant mess.

We took a couple hours on Saturday afternoon to tackle the leaves – again. I can’t even count how many bags of leaves we’ve filled in the last few weeks. While we were at it, we also tackled some of the plants that grow along the fence. We eventually want to take out all of the plants in our yard so we can start new, but at this point it’s just a one-plant-at-a-time kind of job. Picking up leaves is no fun… but, really, everything is better when you have a friend.

And sometimes you just can’t resist climbing a tree…
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