It’s like a backyard tree chainsaw massacre

Don’t mind us… we’re just cutting stuff down over here.
There’s a big old tree in our backyard that pretty much takes up the whole thing. You may remember it from last week’s let’s climb a tree post. I’m usually a tree hugger, not a tree hater, but I’ll just go ahead and admit it: I hate this tree. It makes a huge mess of our yard with leaves and seeds, and it keeps the yard so shaded that grass won’t grow. Like everything else in our yard, it’s just too big for the space. We’ve toyed with the idea of having it cut down, and I think we will eventually. For now, though, we decided to take a chainsaw to the lowest branches.

 The most manly photo ever taken of Andy.

We chopped off the four lowest branches and it makes a huge difference opening up the backyard.
There was a smaller tree next to the garage/barn that had also become too overgrown for the space. It was growing sideways into the driveway because of the shade cast by the huge maple tree next to it, which was making it difficult to open the garage door. The tree had to go.

The backyard feels so much more open now. That blue house in the very back? I’ve never even seen it before!

Chopping stuff down is FUN!

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