Oh, Little Christmas Tree…

Normally when it comes to Christmas trees, I think the bigger the better! But there’s definitely something so super sweet and charming about a teeny tiny tree. Even just a branch in a vase would be really cute.

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What do you think? Would you consider having a teeny tiny tree instead of a big one? They certainly take up less space!
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One thought on “Oh, Little Christmas Tree…

  1. We have a teeny tiny (475 sq. ft) apartment and both go home (across the country) to our respective families for Christmas. So, for the past few years we’ve had NO tree to speak of. This year I just couldn’t take it anymore and ordered a 3′ artificial from Amazon. It was only $12 and I’ll decorate the bejeezus out of it and light pine scented candles whenever we’re home. I’m very excited for my scrawny little tree!

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