Buff Brides Bootcamp

So I’m sure you’re all dying to know how I did at Buff Brides Bootcamp Day One. Wellll… I lived. So yay! It was tough. Real tough. I knew it was going to be bad when class started with pushups. I don’t do pushups. But I had to, for two minutes. And I lived. So yay! But then things got… embarrassing. I started to feel pretty dizzy pretty early on. Blame it on my cold or not eating dinner or the heat or just being lazy. But it happened. I made it to the very last stop in our kettle bell rotation (15 pounds!) and finally had to admit I was just too dizzy to go on. Ugh! Embarrassing. But, I’m still super proud of myself for getting that far, for doing two minutes of pushups, and for lifting 15 pound weights — and I’ll be back at it next week. Let’s aim for not passing out. Oh, and, just in case I had a ton of free time, I also just signed up for a yoga class starting next week. Ugh. What am I thinking?

{ art by Helen Dardik available for purchase here }

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