Diet Time

In addition to working out, Andy and I are also working on eating better, cooking at home and trying to focus on high protein, low carb meals. It’s especially hard for me because as a vegetarian, pasta and rice make up the far, far majority of my diet. I mean, I’ll eat rice for two meals a day five days a week, and then pasta nonstop for the other two days. Or maybe just cheese. It’s bad. Protein is hard when you don’t eat meat, but luckily I still love fish, so we’re buying a lot of salmon and lots of fresh vegetables these days.

This is last night’s dinner. It’s a teriyaki salmon burger from Earth Fare with an avocado-tomato salad that Andy and I made. We love making guacamole. It’s super easy and fast and tastes absolutely delicious, even if you don’t have any cilantro at home. We can whip this up in less than five minutes.

So far we’re doing really well at this whole eating healthy thing, and I really hope we can keep it up long after the wedding. The best part of our diet is when a healthy dinner ends with a nice scoop of Andy’s Pints & Pints ice cream!!

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