Cupcake tasting with Bonbon Cafe

We had our cupcake tasting last week. This might be the best part about planning a wedding. Seriously. Aren’t these amazing? We’re getting our cupcakes from Bonbon Pastry & Cafe, which is a new, fantastic shop in our neighborhood where we like to stop for Sunday breakfast. (You have to try to the cinnamon sugar donuts!) I looooove what they did with these cupcakes. We knew they’d taste good, but we had no idea they’d look so good! I shouldn’t be surprised, since owner Courtney Bonning won Cupcake Wars. Clockwise from the top we have lemon cake, s’mores, German chocolate cake, turtle cake and chocolate heath cake. Andy and I agreed right away on three flavors to serve at our wedding … but we’re not telling you what!!!

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