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While I’m still thinking about moving our guest room up to the third floor, I decided to look through my Pinterest boards to find inspiration for the new room. I love Pinterest as a means of seeing all of the things that I’ve liked before, all on one page. That’s just such a great tool when you’re searching for inspiration. The rooms below are ones that struck me as particularly suited to guest rooms.

These beds remind me a bit of the ones I talked about yesterday that I found at the thrift store. Obviously this is a kids’ room, but I think a guest room can get away with a more playful tone than, say, a master bedroom (though I strongly believe every room should have a little sense of humor and fun!). This room is a little busy for me, but it’s definitely fun. And why not give your guests somewhere fun to stay, right?

This is another kid’s room, but I have been in love with this bright red bed ever since I first saw it. The color is so perfect, in an otherwise light room. The bright pop of color is the perfect whimsy this room needs and would be so perfect in a guest room, where you might want bolder colors than in your own room. I just love painted beds, and maybe I also like this one because I have the same rug next to my own bed!
Here’s a nice “grown up” room. I think this one looks so cozy. If I were a guest at this house, I’d love to curl up with all those blankets (from Schoolhouse Electric, by the way) and look through the books on the nightstand. And isn’t that white lamp also fantastic? (I’m assuming it’s Schoolhouse Electric as well.)

Here’s another room where pops of color rule. While this isn’t a comforter I’d normally gravitate towards, I love how the bright pink, blue and green florals contrast with the rest of the pale, sparsely decorated room. The Polaroids on the wall, the chipped paint on the bed frame, and the simple boxes used as a nightstand really make this room one I’d like to visit.
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