Guest room to craft room

This is what our guest room looked like when we started working on it.

Um, a bit of a mess. But like I said yesterday, throwing out that mattress with the trash was just about the best thing. I did a throw-out-the-poop-bed dance! Really. And there was a song.
But, there was also a slight problem. I had totally forgotten about the reason we put that bed there in the first place: the super weird thing hiding in the corner …
Ugh! What is all this junk? There’s about a million chords and wires coming out of the wall and floor, and I have no idea what they’re for. 
So… the guest room to craft room transformation is on hold until we can get an expert in here to take a look at this stuff and, hopefully, remove it all. 
This is what the room looks like now, so even with the crazy chords, it’s already a huge improvement. Goodbye, poop bed!! We won’t miss you!!
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