An un-shower brunch

My friends threw me a little pre-wedding brunch on Sunday, and it was sooooo nice.

I really didn’t want a traditional bridal shower, and the thought of standing in front of the room opening presents while people stare at me makes me break out in a sweat. So instead we drank pink champagne. LOTS of pink champagne. And ate. A lot. And sat outside in my friend Jen’s huge country backyard getting our first sunburns of the year… So, in other words, it was pretty much perfect.

Doesn’t a drive out into the country just make you feel like you’re on vacation? And throw in some bubbles, some giggles, and 80-degree sunshine, and it’s just a recipe for the best day ever with the best girls ever. I’ll remember this day forever.

So much champagne!

So many pretty plates.
So much food!
So many empty bottles!

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