Beach cottage daydreams

It’s around this time every year, when it’s been cold and dreary and grey for far too long in the upper Midwest, that I start to daydream about living somewhere sunny and warm and near the sea. I imagine a bright house full of light and white and shades of aqua and blue. All my favorites!

This house epitomizes my daydream. When I see these colors, I just feel happy, especially this bedroom with all its different shades of blue. Is the ceiling blue, too? That’s brilliant.

Don’t you just love all the pale blues and splashes of yellow amongst all that white? I don’t normally have a lot of white around. We have almost nothing white in our house. When white is done in a modern way it makes me uncomfortable and feels too stuffy and scary (won’t it always be dirty?? and no eating on the couch?? ugh), but in a beachy cottage like this, it just feels right. I could put my sandy feet on the furniture here and be totally ok with that.
{ All photos from House Beautiful via 79 Ideas — photos by Victoria Pearson }

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