Baby blue + bright red office supplies

Baby blue and bright red is one of my favorite color combinations. Together the colors feel so happy and fresh to me. I keep talking about how I’m turning our old guest room into my new office, and I swear that really is happening… very, very slowly. (I worked on it for a whopping 20 minutes last weekend.) I’m lucky that the walls in that room are already painted a nice shade of light blue, and my desk is actually a vintage dining table with a red and white top, which leaves me with a built-in color combination that I really like. No repainting necessary. Thank goodness.
That leaves me to do the fun part: decorating! It’s especially fun when I can combine the fun of decorating with the function of office supplies. I’m thinking I might need lots of super cute red things for the top of my desk… like a donkey that holds notes. I need notes! And I love donkeys! Plus I actually already own this exact red vintage stapler. (Who knew it would be worth ten bucks?)
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