Busy busy busy weekend

Holy moly. We did so much this weekend. Two full days of work on the house and we are soooo proud of what we knocked off our to-do list.

Paint the bedroom?


Clean out the garage?


Even time for margaritas and a picnic?


We started Saturday by putting on our painting clothes and clearing all the furniture out of the second half of our bedroom. We have an oddly shaped bedroom. It’s basically two rooms that were probably at one time connected by double French doors. You can see a few pictures here (note to self: take better photos of the bedroom). The bedroom was actually the first room we ever painted when we moved into this house two years ago. And we painted it very, very badly. We re-painted all the trim, the ceiling, and the walls in the bed side of the room — the larger part of the room — oh, back in April of last year. I’m pretty sure at the time we thought we’d paint the second half “real soon.” Yeah, fourteen months later it’s finally done. At least it’s DONE!

The walls are painted Evening Shadow by Sherwin Williams. We used a high-gloss pure white on the trim and a flat white on the ceiling, both from Home Depot. Painting the trim makes such a HUGE difference in this room. I’m guessing it hadn’t been painted in something like 20 years. It was super yellowed, chipped, dirty, and now it’s crisp and clean and shiny. I love it. 
In addition to painting, we also replaced the ceiling light. Oh, goodbye ugly old cheap boob light that was pretending to be in a Greek palace. You will not be missed. 

We celebrated Saturday night by treating ourselves to tacos, margaritas, and some absolutely amazing queso fresca at one of our favorite new restaurants, Barrio, in Tremont.  Love love. The strawberry margarita is my absolute fave.

I gained 10 pounds at dinner. 
Sunday we painted the bedroom walls and did a second coat on the trim. Then we took our aching muscles to a food truck meet up, where we ate burgers (portabella for me; angus for Andy) and tater tots on the grass.  Ahh, picnics are the best. 
So after a lovely little leisurely picnic, we figured, why stop now? We already spent a whole day and a half painting, so now let’s clean out the garage/barn/stable thing. We found out recently that it has to be torn down. It’s leaning really badly, and it just can’t be fixed. (See more pictures of the garage here.) Our garage is actually coming down this week. Sad. I really hoped we could save it and turn it into something awesome. Instead we hired someone to tear it down, and then we’ll build something that is, hopefully, awesome in its place — something that we can actually park a car in without the floor caving in. 
Don’t judge. None of this junk is ours! We inherited a garage full of junk when we bought this house, so we spent a few hours today lugging bricks and filling garbage cans to get it ready for tear-down.
I am so proud of us for doing so much this weekend. Yeah, we’re pretty awesome. 
I hope you all had a great weekend, too! Did anyone else do anything fun or make any big checks on the old to-do list?
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