Pints & Pints for sale!

We had a pretty big weekend around here, and I’m excited to tell you all about it.  You may remember that Andy is an ice cream maker. He went to ice cream school at Penn State last January, and we’ve been slowly working on growing his business, Pints & Pints, which specializes in boozy ice creams — the best kind!! This weekend was a big deal because we had our very first public sale, and it went well!

We were invited to sell Pints & Pints at a party put on by a local bar. I took a few grainy iPhone photos to document what was a pretty big moment in our lives. It’s really exciting to see Andy’s dream becoming a reality, even if it’s sometimes a frustratingly slow process. I am so proud of him. Hopefully this is the first of many, many Pints & Pints sales!
The first Pints & Pints dollar! We’re framing this!!
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