Room of the week: Amy Butler

Amy Butler, textile designer extraordinaire, also has a pretty extraordinary home. Featured in Apartment Therapy last April, I haven’t been able to forget this gorgeous room in Granville, Ohio, near Columbus, ever since. It’s modern but comfortable, cool and warm, new and old. I love the mix of clean-lined, modern furniture with warm, natural woods and jute rug, and the fun, quirky wallpaper on the back wall. And of course her pillows are fantastic. 
Amy and her husband, David, describe their home’s style as “modern, natural, folk, artistic & warm,” and they really nailed it. This is a room where you could easily curl up with a book or movie, or host a party, or just sit and look out the huge windows. I love it when modern is done in a comfortable way. 
What do you think? What is your favorite part of this room? 
Check out lots more photos of the whole house and an interview with Amy Butler on Apartment Therapy

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