An update on the saga of the bedroom curtains

Do you remember last week when we failed miserably at trying to hang curtains in our bedroom? To refresh your memory, I wanted to hang a double curtain rod on all four windows in our plaster-walled bedroom, but every kind of anchor and screw we tried destroyed our walls and left big crumbly holes — and a whole lot of failure. It was horrible and frustrating and I just wanted to cry and move to the suburbs.

Remember this photo? This is what I was hoping the windows would look like when I was done: a couple of grey patterned panels over a golden yellow crinkle sheer, all from West Elm.

And this is what our bedroom windows look like now: 

These little guys, walldog screws, saved the day. After trying several other kinds of anchors, these are the only ones that worked on our thick, crumbly 122-year-old plaster walls. Plus, it is so much fun to say “waaaaalldog.” It’s a good name for a band, right? 
We also learned that drilling a hole smaller than the screw allows for a little bit of crumbling without creating a hole that’s too big. 
Now I am so incredibly happy with our bedroom and I can’t wait to continue working on it and making it even more amazing! We did it! We did it! We have curtains! I have some more WILD and CRAZY ideas for decorating this room, let me tell you. Just you wait and see. 

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